Hello. Welcome to my lists of videos.

You will find here a general list of my collection as well as specific and longer lists for my favorite artists. I am always interested in trading videos. If you feel you have some videos I might be interested in, please write to me at

I usually use TDK, MAXELL and FUJI High Grade videos, and Air Mail Registered (recommande). Please do the same. I only use brand new tapes, and I expect you to do the same. Do not use previously used tapes. If you plan to use other brands please contact me to let me know BEFORE recording or sending anything. Please avoid SONY blanks, they are poor quality. Thanks a lot.

I use two PANASONIC HIFI STEREO machines for dubbing. More about my equipment here.

I do NOT use equalizing for the dubbing and I use a moderate recording level. Please do the same if you have a recording level. I leave 30 seconds of blank space before recording. This part of the tape deteriorates with time so it is better not to record anything at the very beginning of the tape. What I mean is: start recording from the beginning of the tape but donīt press Play on the source machine until 30 seconds later.

All videos are professionally recorded unless marked audience or private recording. In those cases, they are recorded with a camcorder from the audience.

OK. On with the list.