Hello. Welcome to my lists of live CDs.

You will find here a  list of my collection of live cds. All my cds are of very good or excellent quality. I only collect soundboards or excellent quality audience recordings. I am always interested in trading cds. If you feel you have some cds I might be interested in, please write to me at

I usually use TDK, FUJI and VERBATIM blanks, and Air Mail Registered (recommandé). Please do the same. If  you plan to use other brands of blanks please contact me before sending anything. I send artwork for most of my cds and I expect you to do the same. I ship without cases. I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) to duplicate cds. This is the ONLY program that guarantees a perfect copy of a cd without any digital artifacts and noises. If you do not use EAC, I will be happy to explain to you why should you use it and how to set it up. Btw, it is free and can be downloaded from

EAC is considered the standard music CD copying software.  This is because EAC can copy a music disk without losing any data. Normally, data CD's have a checksum which will alert you when data is missing from a file.  Music CD's in redbook format don't have this feature, so there is no way to determine if you are missing data due to scratches and dirt or the media being bad quality/old.  EAC compensates for this.  Check out their website: .  Also search the news groups or Google for more information.

I have been recording on cdr since early 1997 and I offer the highest quality that is possible for every source. I do careful listening on high quality headphones. I use Cool Edit Pro for editing when required.

OK. On with the list.